Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

Privacy fun with Google Latitude

Google gave a Nexus One to me on the Android Developer Lab.
So i had a HTC magic left, and since my girlfriend already had one too, i gave it to my father.

I delete the sd card, deinstalled all 3rd party apps and cleared the cache of the "gapps" app. So my father had to login with his google account again and sync mail/calender and contacts with his new phone.

Everything went fine, but today a friend of my asked if i come to a party. Some seconds later he wrote oh you are not in Berlin so have fun. I realized he must be checking latitude or my public latitude history on

I took a quick look on (try dates from 15.2 - 19.2.2010 screenshot comes later) and saw my location alternating between Berlin and Dessau where my father lives. So i realized my old phone must still sending his position with my account to google ;)

Crazy, so i told my father deactivating and activating latitude but it did not change anything. He had to clear the cache of the maps app to get rid of my account.

So if you plan to give away or sell your android phone, clearing the cache of the "Gapps" app isnt enough to disconnect your google account.

Otherwise you can also have a lot fun with it. Change to another google account before selling and see who and where gets it.

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