Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Google Latitude and Twitter

In the next days/weeks/month Twitter will enable its location informations. That means it will be possible to attach location informations to every tweet.
I am beta testing this new feature and i have written a twitterbot, that can trace your tweets and show them on a map. All you need is opt-in for location sharing in your twitter profile and following @whereisschtief.

Google Latitude and Twitter mashup for schtief.org

While this feature is not available to everyone, i made a mashup of Google Latitude and Twitter.
Just visit schtief.org there you will see a Google Map with markers that show my location reported by latitude. The markers with a star do contain tweets i made around the time i was at this location.

On the screenshot you see me tweeting at the station Alexanderplatz,
that i dodged the fair today :-)

If you want to test this, just send me your Google Latitude id (which you will get here)

Next step is adding Flickr stuff and building a small community portal around :-)

WhereIsSchtiefis an Open Source Project. See my older Blogpost with the tag WhereIsSchtief for history and more informations
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