Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Google Latitude Location History with App Engine

Before Google Latitude i had my own Android program that added my location to Google Spreadsheets and displayed the locations on my website.
But now there is Google Latitude that is doing the work for me (triangulation). And thanks God* (*Google) there is the Google App Engine which lets me deploy Web Applications (Servlets) very easily and for free. So i wrote a small mashup, that collects my Latitude Location every minute and stores it @ Google App Engine via a cron job.
I added a Servlet that returns all my saved locations via JSON, so i can display them with Google Maps on my Homepage (

I called it Where is Schtief put it under GPL3 and added some user management stuff, so everyone of you can record your Google Latitude Location History (use action adduser or wait till i'm sober :-).

Here are the links:

Google Code Project for Google App Engine

My Website displaying my latest location history

Where Is Schtief ???
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