Montag, 22. Dezember 2008

Snake an Android accelerometer game for G1

I finally got my G1 and started hacking right away. Thats the result after some hours, thanx to Jason Tomlinson he inspired me with his open sourced first version of the accelerometer application Amazed.

My new baby G1

I remembered the classic game snake, where you have to control a snake and eat as much
as you can. While eating your snake is getting larger and you have to be careful not to
bite in your own tail.

I used the accelerometer API from Google Android to steer the snake. So if you tilt your
phone to the left, the snake will head left and so on. I also added some special items
to catch, for example the Speed Item, where your snake runs two times faster... don't
try the direction flipper, you will go crazy :-)

Please Download from the Android Market.
Current Version 0.0.1

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